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The Freight Forwarding Company You Can Trust

We are a freight forwarding company that is committed to delivering the best customer service and competitive rates.

Global coverage
When it comes to our expertise, we’ve got you covered. Our truck hauling freight services cover all 7 continents.

Trust & reliability
We offer a wide range of services that are priced competitively and delivered on time. We are also ISO certified which means we meet high safety standards and maintain clients’ confidentiality.

Think green
We know that climate change is a real thing so we always try to minimize our environmental footprint by using clean energy, recycling paper, and reducing waste.

Innovative & affordable solutions
No matter what your needs are, C1 View is here for you with tailor-made solutions for your transportation needs.

Simple Steps to Success

It takes time and manpower to manage freight transactions in-house. Eliminate the hassle with C1 View's freight forwarding system, we will handle all your freight forwarding needs.

Knowledgeable Staff

One of the most important things to measure the success of a freight forwarding business is the expertise of its team.

Competitive Pricing

It is possible to acknowledge the importance of offering competitive prices, aligned with quality services.

Flexible Operations

Assure your freight forwarder has the flexibility to deal with each situation individually, building the best solution to attend to their customer.

Effective Services

More importantly than having an effective sales team we are honest about what our freight forwarding negotiation can offer you and your customers.

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